A little update

21 08 2014

My my my what a long time it’s been since the last update!!!

There is becoming less of a reason to keep this blog going having achieved the things I originally set out to do with it, but like an old comfortable t-shirt I’m loathe to throw it away.

Many many years ago and from my earlier posts most of you will remember that things weren’t great for me. Personally, financially, romantically, in general it was a pretty crappy existence I was leading.

The last few months are a stark contrast to that time, I’m in a good place financially, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with girlfriend who was rather unexpected and generally life is pretty sweet.

Sure I could complain about something, lack of time to do all the things I want to do and my lack of motivation to lose that ever increasing weight! (Dam you and your cakes Em!!! :-P) but I won’t. It’s a bit indulgent.

So onwards with MOAR happiness!!!! :D

I’ll decide what to do with this blog in the coming months, maybe shut it down, maybe turn it into something else entirely, or just forget about it and leave it to the sands of time,

Until then,

Toodles! Kal X