Debt……a precautionary tale……and other stuff

19 06 2014

2179 days. Give or take a few.

Thats how long it took me to get out of debt. Admittedly the process had been expedited somewhat by a cash injection from a family matter. But I might have been paying off these debts for a long time to come. I wish when I was younger someone had taken the time to sit me down and explain to me about money. Sadly my family being who they were didn’t think that was a necessary pursuit and towards the end of uni I managed to get myself into a fair amount of debt and by the time I realised what I had got myself into the damage was already done.

This isn’t to say that anyone was at fault for my getting into debt but most certainly a certain level of ignorance on my part. But happily now I am debt free. Its a strange feeling now being out of debt. A certain level of freedom that comes with no one chasing me for money I don’t have.

It all seems obvious looking back now at where the mistakes were made but all done now. As evidenced by my lack of updates lately. I believe almost three months! Things are pretty good right now, good life, good girlfriend and a ¬†good job. Sadly my audition to get into Oxford drama school didn’t go as well as I could have hoped but hey, life goes on.

I think the rest of this year will have a focus for two things for me. Magic and Fitness. Getting my performance magic circle ready and dropping down those inches off my waist I keep saying I will. I can’t say the updates will get any more frequent but then maybe thats a good thing? I’m out there having fun instead of in her tapping away :)

Until next time I guess. toodles

Kslice x