Karmic Balancing Act….

19 03 2014

ImageThis makes the longest time between posts and for that there is no good reason really. Things has been a little up and down but I’ve had plenty of time to do some writing. I just haven’t. I’m sure you’re all heart broke for it :-P

So lets review. Since my last update, and I’m going to gloss over a lot for sake of keeping it short.

Xmas was fantastic as was to be expected spending it once again with the Kay family and a great time was had by all. Sadly the new year did not bring such joyful tidings with being made redundant in January. What followed was a major dick move by my landlord where instead of helping me out and giving me an extension on rent he slapped me with an eviction but I’m moving out in 2 weeks of my own accord into a place where I shall no longer have to deal with his special brand of dickery or have to endure the dulcet tones of Russian wife swap/ Big Brother or whatever other god awful programme is constantly on.

I have been seeing a certain lady for a while now and it is going rather well, certainly beats the record for the longest “stable” relationship I’ve been in and I am quite happy. A new job possibly looms on the horizon too. The house I grew up in also finally sold and so there goes the last anchor to my childhood which in itself I feel no great loss over but I am looking forward to a little bit of financial freedom coming my way which is long over due. Things have been progressing on the acting front in the forms of an upcoming audition to Oxford Drama School and lots of plays being read in preparation for it. And I’ve finally began the proceedings to prepare a magic route which with a little bit of luck and some mentoring from a new friend will allow a dazzling performance and my entry in the magic circle, but we shall see.

Which brings me to the title of tonights post. I’m not a great believer of destiny/fate what have you. But it seems that with a lot of things going on the upswing for me, any day now, I feel something is about to go horribly wrong. I’m not a pessimist but I can shake the feeling that it’s a little bit of a house of cards right now. The lady and friends think I’m being silly but to coin a phrase I believe the universe is rarely so lazy. So I’m being quite tentative in how much I enjoy the present moment even if they are good. Past experience has taught me how quickly things can go from good to worse within a heartbeat. So cautious steps ahead.

In any case, a quick update for you all, I shall try not to leave it so long but who knows what’s gonna happen in the next three months!


Kal x




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