“And the truth shall set ye free…..”

24 09 2013

A phrase bandied around in numerous circumstances. Movies, book, philosophical discussions etc. Now while this may be the case, if the truth really does set you free or not or more relative.

I’ve always found truth to be a very subjective thing. Sometimes things happen that maybe you feel people would be better off not knowing, or perhaps they’ve done something that maybe you feel uncomfortable about confronting them on. Myself, I’m an advocate of having everything out in the open if the withholding of that information is likely to cause bigger problems than the truth itself.

I found myself in such a situation only a few days ago, various events from a few months had transpired and the involved parties had just not confronted me about it and instead I found out through much more tedious means. It’s the second time in my life I’ve come close to falling out with friends over what really amounts to quite small offences.

Had this not been resolved now then it could have really festered and turned into the usual behaviour or back chatting and snarky comments and eventually losing touch altogether. As it is I’m glad it got sorted now and I think we’re stronger friends for it.

That’s about all the there has been in terms of major events lately. Shall update you all more when something new happens. Life is kinda good right now :)






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