Freedom of the body, Freedom of the mind, make the spirit a whiskey…

9 08 2013

So it’s been about 6 weeks since I moved out of the parental home and into my new digs and the change in mentality and attitude are almost instantly improved. I’m a lot more relaxed now, I can have a drink and by the power of Grey Skull to be able to cook bacon again is a pleasure that’s wholly indescribable haha! Things are going well to say the least so here’s an update on the few things I can think of,

Skydive still hasn’t happened but we’re hoping to get it sorted for the next few weeks, I’d like to do it while we still have the these patches of good weather but ultimately even if it’s a sunny day, the wind speed might kill it like it did last time so fingers crossed for a hot day and no breeze! At least until I touch the earth again anyway.

Magic practice is becoming a more of a regular thing, still not as often as I’d like it to be but at least I’m consciously giving the practice the attention it needs, can only improve with time.

Been strategising about the move to London in a few months and how to attack it, it helps now that I have a few more industry based contacts and friends who are actually working professionally so that’s something. Who you know eh?

The relationship with the family has improved since I left the house too, we still don’t talk a lot when I go around there but there seems to be less tension in the air but then that could be a silent burying of hatchets in the form on the new arrival in the household in the shape of my new niece Inaya. It’ll still be a few years to see exactly what side she takes as I mentioned in a previous post, that’s if there is even a side to take by that point. I’m hoping there won’t be but who knows.

I do have a blog post I’m thinking about writing but it could be quite controversial so I’m gonna discuss with a few friends before posting on that one but in the meantime that’s all the updates.


Kal x




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