Something for the ages….

14 07 2013

Wow, over a month since my last post, lot of things been happening so not had time to really update but here goes.

The skydive was a bust, I managed to raise the money needed but the jump was cancelled due to bad weather conditions, now were all on standby for a new date to do it as the place is booked up until September. Rather annoying as I was completely geared to do it! But it’ll happen eventually.

The diet is going well, there was a week while I was moving that I let myself go a bit as I didn’t have the time to cook my paleo food but now back onto it full swing and my back is finally in better shape since I got back from Japan so I can finally start hitting the gym again with ferocious regularity.

I’ve also moved into a new place, the circumstances of my leaving the parental home was less than ideal but what’s done is done and having been here for about 2 weeks now, I’m finally starting to feel a lot of the stresses I had while living at home just being very quietly lifted away from me, admittedly, financially I have to be a bit more careful now with extra bills and what not but I’m confident that I finally have a decent footing on my capabilities and more importantly my spending!

In other news Bicester finally has a cinema. Sadly it’s not a Cineworld which means that there’s no regular visitor pass annoyingly but what ya gonna do. But be grateful with what we have I suppose. Only ok them twenty years! Lol

I think that more or less cover the broad strokes but I’m sure there’ll be an update again soon depending on how the events of the next week go. ;-) I shall speak to you all soon

Toodles! X