Cavemanning it

23 05 2013

I have no idea if the above could actually be considered a real term but I like the sound of it. In any case it refers to the diet I’ve been on for the last few weeks. Coming off the back of Japan and losing the weight I did out there I didn’t want to become to lethargic and slip back into the same old routine as before. So I’m happy to report that after three weeks, I’m certainly feeling a lot healthier, I’ve lost half an inch off my waist and I’m getting compliments from people who I’ve not seen in a while on the weight loss which is great. The down side to it being having cut out a lot of sugar from my diet I’m finding myself getting tired and sleepy quicker than before. But generally feeling a lot better. 

In other news, I’m looking for my own place in Bicester now, had enough of the familia and it’s time to move on from them altogether so this summer should be a good one with having my independence and freedom back again. I can’t really think of much else that’s going on right now so tata for now!

Kal x




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