Cavemanning it

23 05 2013

I have no idea if the above could actually be considered a real term but I like the sound of it. In any case it refers to the diet I’ve been on for the last few weeks. Coming off the back of Japan and losing the weight I did out there I didn’t want to become to lethargic and slip back into the same old routine as before. So I’m happy to report that after three weeks, I’m certainly feeling a lot healthier, I’ve lost half an inch off my waist and I’m getting compliments from people who I’ve not seen in a while on the weight loss which is great. The down side to it being having cut out a lot of sugar from my diet I’m finding myself getting tired and sleepy quicker than before. But generally feeling a lot better. 

In other news, I’m looking for my own place in Bicester now, had enough of the familia and it’s time to move on from them altogether so this summer should be a good one with having my independence and freedom back again. I can’t really think of much else that’s going on right now so tata for now!

Kal x


“The truth is….I am Iron Man”

4 05 2013

This post is bought to you by the wifi of the good folks of the Oxford tube service as I trundle my way to London to see some friends and see the wonderful Mr Stark on the ridiculously big screen. Very much been looking forward to tonight for a while and the other imminent IMAX trips will no doubt prove just as pleasurable.

Onto new things however, been a while since my last post, would love to say that it’s because I’ve been too busy doing other exciting things sadly its just not true. Well I suppose what I’ve been dong could potentially to lead to exciting things.

First thing is that I will be attempting a new diet as of this coming week, introduced to me by my good friend Niamh. She’s been on it for a while and the results are impressive. It’s called the paleo diet. I’d known it by another name and I’m sure most people would have too know it as the caveman diet. The idea being that we revert to the pre-agricultural diet of the hunter gatherer days. It’s gonna be tough, my diet at the moment is very carb dominated so wish me luck! This goes hand in hand with my bet with another friend to trim down by January next year to about 11st from my current 14st. Japan did a lot to help me regain my activeness but sadly old habits die hard when I came back to the UK and lack of exercise due to a bad back ruined all the good from when I got back but slowly starting to back into the swing of things.

Other thing I’ve been looking into is the Oxford guild theatre, they have some workshops coming up that I’m gonna try and get along to and get back to performing in some manner, if only to keep my brain from rotting. I set myself 5 years to get acting going, this is a good a start as any. Pus it’ll be a good way to get me motivated back into magic again. A get together with a new chap at work who is a fellow thesp and magician has rekindled my fire to get the old 52 paste boards working again and who knows, we might end up with our own Anglers and Borden rivalry :-P

Other than that I think I’ve just about recovered from my holiday blues, I still miss being in Japan deeply but I think with redirecting some of that energy into the creative and the diet it’s helped a lot in drawing my mind away from how sucky it is to be back here.

Anyway, help you all have a cracking weekend with this spell of good weather


Kal x