One week on and lessons learnt

20 04 2013

It’s been just over a week since I’ve been back. First thoughts? I hate it. Comparatively everything here is dirty, violent and late. My first “why did I get on the plane” moment came shortly after clearing customs in Heathrow, a family coming back from what I can only imagine is one of those typically British holiday destinations, mother and 4 year old swearing at each other over Who the hell knows what. I may be wrong but in the whole three weeks I was out there, I never saw one public fracas between people. I just can’t imagine it happening.

I had the weekend before things went back to normal but honestly I’m having trouble readjusting. This trip did more than open my eyes, it’s pretty much confirmed that I will end up over there one day. I’ve yet to figure out how but I’ll make it happen.

I’m in London this weekend so hopefully seeing some good friends will acclimatise me back to normal. I hope anyway.




One response

20 04 2013
Pete Davison

It’s always hard to visit your own personal “nirvana” and then have to come back from it. Still, look at it another way: it’s something to aim for in the long term. It’s good to have an ambition; “end up in Japan” is as good as any. :)

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