A very sad but fond farewell….

11 04 2013

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this post.

I’m sat in the bar of my hotel on my last night in Japan. It’s been an absolutely amazing 18 days. As most of you have no doubt seen, I’ve traversed this beautiful country and come to have a greater appreciation for this amazing place. I’ve made some friends that I hope are for life and reconnected with old ones. I never used to understand my friend Naomi’s expression of getting itchy feet but now I understand and sympathise only too well.

My last day was spent shopping for various goodies to bring back. And it’s been tiring but I got to revisit some of my favourite places in Tokyo and find some new ones. I have not doubt that I will be back before long. It’s drawn into my mind that stark differences between England and Japan the wonder why some of the things here aren’t implemented back home. Little things like the way people line up politely to let people off the trains before getting on, the way that everyone is so welcoming and helpful. It does obviously come down to a mindset difference and I can’t help but think that I would be happier and better off coming here for good.

It’s something that I’ve given some great thought to and this trip only served to solidify that choice in my mind and if the acting doesn’t work out then I will be following in the footsteps of my friends Chris and Sabbi and moving out here although that’s a plan that won’t be put into action for a few years yet.

I’ve just booked my last JR train ticket and it sits heavy in my pocket, I wish I could just stay but alas dreams to be realise yet.

For now though, I have my memories and I make no apology for the fact that in a few days our timelines will be wiped out by the various pictures and video uploads that will be happening.

As the song goes I really will be leaving my heart in Tokyo….

Good bye Japan. See you soon

Kal x




3 responses

11 04 2013
Pete Davison

So glad you had an awesome time. Sounds like you found a real home away from home.


11 04 2013

You had your chance Davison! Next time I’ll just drug you. You’ll wake up at the bar in the Park Hyatt in Shinjuku while I’m sat next to you impersonating Bill Murray drinking Suntory

11 04 2013
Pete Davison

Sounds good to me.

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