I’ll see you on the other side….

24 03 2013

Good morning!

This could possibly be my earliest post-twilight post, but the tomato juice I’m currently sipping is helping to wake me up, I think between now and 11pm last night I must have had about 20 micro naps! My second attempt at watching The Shining ended in failure too so it’s just going to have to wait until I get back now.

But let’s wind back a bit, after a half day at work on Friday a swift train down to London saw me at my good friend Nathaniels who very kindly put me up for the night, some papa johns, Skyfall and good conversation took us through that night and his imminent departure from the capital makes me feel like London will be poorer for it without him. Saturday was lunch with Angela at Wagamamas and getting a head start on my Japanese diet :-) then over to Alex’s to take him and meet Naomi for dinner at the honest burger joint. Side note: go and have a burger there, it’s the bomb-diggity! Tables are cramped but you’re not there for the decor. And it’s cheap!

Saturday evening saw our second visit to the poor school to see the collective performance of the Market Boy. Some great performances by course members who I hadn’t seen the first time round in the musical revue. Laughs came thick and fast and the energy amongst the cast was a joy to watch.

But now, here I sit in the bridge bar of Terminal 1 sippin’ a tomato juice and tucking into a bowl of porridge. I know the second I get on that plane I’m going to pass out but I’m hoping that will reset my body clock to Japan time. But we’ll see, for now, I’m enjoying the people watching, especially the guy sat to my right who thinks a pint of Guinness is an appropriate breakfast alternative! Is this Irish thing?

Anyway, this will be my last post in England for the next few weeks, and I guess I will see you all on the other side :)


Kal xx




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24 03 2013
Pete Davison

Ganbatte, Kal-kun!

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