Creative Lethargy and the Countdown to Japan

20 03 2013

There’s been this sorta thing over the last few months where I keep saying I’m going to get myself out of this creative slump and I have an incredibly productive few days before the initial distractions of TV and life kick back in and I find myself gone full circle back into the cycle of boredom. Recently though it’s been more focussed in one particular direction. Having made the decision to keep at the acting for a while during one of my regular rummages of my hard drive while cleaning things up I came across a folder full of half written scripts that I started at various stages throughout uni.

But actually looking back on them now, a little older and a bit more life experience, a few them with a little tweaking could produce some good short films, I’m not talking about the next Good Will Hunting here but definitely something that I would be proud to put into my showreel. So I think over the next few months I’m going to try and develop one or two them into fully fledged scripts and see what I can make of them, with no doubt a little help from my acting friends dotted around ;-)

So all the planning is done, had a small panic moment where I realised I hadn’t booked any accommodation for my stint in Osaka but that was resolved after an hour of hunting for a hotel online. I’m just hoping I’ve left enough time for everything! The travel between each section is quite significant, with the largest bit being between Hiroshima and Tokyo but I’m quietly confident I’ll be able to pull off all the things on my itinerary and if I don’t…..well there’s always next year ;-D

So for now, Sunday looms large. I just need to pack and then get on the plane. Somewhat daunting going solo on a trip like this but I’ve tried to plan for every eventuality and I can’t think of anything else to do. I will try and update the blog while I’m out there to try and keep all you lovely people up to date with my shenanigans, but if not, keep on eye on the various social media feeds I’ll be using as the photos will crop up on there





One response

20 03 2013
Pete Davison

Have an awesome time, man. So jealous. I want to hear all about maid cafes and love hotels when you get back. Wait. No. TOO MANY EROGE.

Seriously, though, have an awesome time, and if you’d be up for going again sometime in the future just remember your ol’ buddy Pete. :)


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