and The Ugly….

24 02 2013

Tonights post comes a little later than I intended as it’s been quite a long day. I’ve started working part-time at my friends takeaway in Kidlington to earn a little extra money before I go away but it does mean that I’m pulling 7 day weeks and some long hours to boot. But if you should happen to chance by the area, I thoroughly recommend swinging by to check out and sample some of the food. It is most definitely some of the finest Chinese food I’ve had in my life and I fear that all my hard work at the gym is about to go to pot :-P but the food is definitely the bomb-diggity. :)

No tonights post is about work but not this particular work however. A few weeks ago most of you who follow my blog will know that I started a new job but I didn’t say what it was. My official job title is Collections Advisor. I work in a call centre calling money from people who have borrowed it in the form of loans. Now a few weeks ago I mentioned that I could see myself there for the foreseeable future. While this is still the case I am not sure it’s a huge leap into the future as I’d first envisioned. Don’t get me wrong, I still like that job, the people I work with and the work that I’m doing, but what I don’t like is the people that my work puts me in contact with.

In the past few weeks I have been called every possible name under the sun, and while I’m not a prolific curser I thought I knew all the words but I actually even learnt some new ones. Plus the sheer rudeness of some of the people I call really has exposed me to an ugly side of human nature that I had no desire to find out about. Most people that know me I think would tell you that for all my thoughts and ideas, I’m a fairly sensitive soul and quite gentle, I have thick skin but I cannot abide by rudeness and while in life if someone acts out of line I would have no hesitation on calling them on it, I don’t have that same freedom in my job. It can be quite frustrating and this is making me have doubts as to whether I have the tenacity to last in this kind of job.

I have been told by one or two colleagues however that my skill lies in a different area of the company and they think I would excel better there, but I’d need to stick it out a bit in my role first before I could look at moving, so who knows, things might work out. Until then, I suppose I carry on suffering the abuse at the hands of strangers. Not really as enjoyable as it sounds.

These last 3 posts really cleared the cobwebs from my head and just got out some stuff that I needed to say. But phew! After all that I think we all need something a bit light hearted so heres a video of the cat cafe I’m going to visit on my first day in Japan with some lovely J-Pop playing in the background


Kal x




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