The Good….

21 02 2013

So I’ve been purposely avoiding writing a new post for the last few weeks due to the fact I know they all would have been more or less about the same things, planning for Japan. But I think I’ve spoken about it enough and now I just need to get on with it, I will be attempting to update daily-ish while I’m out there so watch this space for my posts. I have been on lockdown the past few weeks saving to get the money together, as a result my social life has been non-existent. The upside, I’m holding down the foursquare mayorship at my gym like a boss! I certainly feel healthier and I don’t miss cigarettes anymore other than the occasional pang after a big meal or with a cup of coffee but that will pass with time I’m hoping.

Of the few social outings I have done in the past few few weeks however, one stands out. It was to see my good friend/brother Pat in his Musical Revue from one of his graduating shows from The Poor School where he’s been for the last 2 years. Actually it’s not far to say I went just to seem him, true he is the catalyst but I’ve made friends there through Pat so it was to support them all.

They started with a group number which was to be expected and enjoyable. Second up was the man himself and his girlfriend Gerda singing a song about taking a girl to the movies and picking the right one. A song that played wonderfully to Pat’s own sensibilities as a film buff and the most startling thing for me was the change in his singing voice from 4 years ago at solent. I was speechless, goes to show I guess what dedication and proper training can achieve. The next few numbers that followed were all highly enjoyable but you’ll forgive me for not mentioning names as I didn’t pick up a program. The first half ended with the number that I personally had been really looking forward to seeing from when they first told me they would be doing it. Rhythm of Life from Sweet Charity. You can see the video here and I challenge anyone to not fall in love with this song. What amazed me was the standout performance by Mr Ben Scheck as Big Daddy Brubeck and I’m sure I had the most stupid grin plastered on my face throughout the whole song as I sang along in my head. What makes the performance all the more incredible was that speaking to Ben after the show he informs he he’s had laryngitis for the past two weeks. I take my hat off to you sir. One of the things that struck me was that the performance space by no means large, was utilised really well through out each number.

The second half again had some throughly enjoyable numbers which again I can’t name for lack of program! The 3 that stuck out for me were the Jesus as a Vegas performer one, the one about going with the older man (had me in stitches) and the closing number. Arthur, you have a fantastic voice and I love your power ballad hand movements. Literally made my night. That and Pats Don Draper slicked hair :-P

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the class again in The Market Boy in the next few weeks. Genuinely excited about the talent in that class :-)

Well that was The Good, Tomorrow The Bad


Kal x




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