“Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know”

11 11 2012

If we take Hemingway’s theory here and apply it in this instance than by his logic I’m a freaking genius.

I look a the post I wrote but a few weeks ago about clouds having silver linings and it amazes me at how things can so quickly crumble.

So as I had mentioned previously I was chasing my previous job for the wages they owed me and I was meant to be getting some money by the second Friday of November which would have sorted me out completely. In the mean time I had nothing to start off with so I borrowed money from my sister to keep me going for the first few weeks until this money came in. As it got closer to the Friday I became acutely aware that I’d not heard anything yet and it turns out they couldn’t pay anyway. I asked my brother to extend the existing loan I had with him as the guarantor which he wasn’t willing to do understandably. And then having explained the situation to them at work they said there was very little point in my being trained for a role that I wasn’t going to be able to do in a few days due to lack of money and not being able to get into work. So on Wednesday I had my last day for a job that I had been doing for a week! Thankfully they were sympathetic of the situation and said that once I’m back on my feet to get in touch and if they still have space on the team, I can rejoin them, so that’s something I guess.

But there you have it, I left London on Friday, for the 2nd time in the space of 18 months and it feels shitty. Mainly down to the conduct of one man who I thought I called a friend but instead in 6 weeks tore down everything I had worked so hard for since the beginning of the year. This year was meant to be mine, and up until now it had been. I’m going to start pursuing him down the legal route to get those wages back and hopefully they’ll be able to be claimed back before my trip to Japan which come hell or high water I will be on that flight. My focus for the next few months will be to save as much money as possible for that trip so don’t be offended if you don’t see that much of me for a while as every penny I can spare will go into that pot. But feel free to come to Oxford or Bicester and I’ll be happy to meet you.

Well I better get back to job hunting. If anyone out there knows of a job in Bicester or Oxford that I can do, than get in touch.

Kal x




One response

11 11 2012
Pete Davison

That sucks balls, dude. Sorry to hear you’ve been jerked around like that. Some people are shitheads. Take small comfort from the fact that you’re not one of them, at least.

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