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24 10 2012

These posts seems to get less frequent which I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Am I so busy that I don’t have time to update my little corner or the Internet or has my life become so routine that there’s nothing worth updating it with! Time will tell.

Onto the important stuff then, things took a little downward turn for me in the past few weeks but have since come back up. To explain a few posts back I mentioned that I’d b leaving Nokia to start my new job as the sales director for a company here in Oxford. Things didn’t quite work out exactly as I’d hoped they would there and I am no longer with them and in fact still chasing them for my wages from the past month. I am avoiding mentioning the name of the company lest any of their customers google my name and the company together and direct some of the torrent of abuse I’ve been getting in the job to me directly. The reasons for which are many and I don’t want to point fingers where I don’t know the full information but problems were there long before I arrived.

The upside to this has been though that in the process of finding out that I wasn’t going to be paid I immediately started looking for another job and found one, almost immediately and after a lengthy and intense interview and assessment process I’m starting my new job this Monday in LONDON!!!!

Yes indeedy I am moving back to the big smoke and this time will be doing it properly. Not a shitty paygrade like a previous employer who shall not be named….

But things are back on track, the Japanese learning is going well, the fitness is rising. Can’t see any physical changes yet but I definitely feel them internally. And I’ve been some free for 35 days and it feels great. That’s not to say I don’t miss it especially after a coffee or a big meal but I feel better for not smoking so that pay off is worth it.

Now I’m off to see a man about a dog (not literally)

Oh and everyone go and see Bond this week!!!!




One response

24 10 2012
Pete Davison

LONDON BABY or something.

Good to hear things are on the up for you. How far have you got with the Japanese learning? I am trying to batter the hiragana thoroughly into my head and it seems to be going reasonably well so far.

We should meet up sometime and watch some anime. I have one called Ghost Hunt you might like.

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