Nothing Specific Today…(Quite a long post)

29 10 2012

Today’s blog is bought to you by the 2 hour bus journey from Oxford to London. Not about anything in particular, just some thoughts I had rattling around in the old noodle.

(Also given how prone to bumpiness this journey is apologies in advance for the almost certain to be made spelling and grammar mistakes)

So firstly this weekend just gone I was in London, mainly to take a bunch of stuff up there as tomorrow I start the new job. Very excited/nervous about this, mainly because of the early starts. I think it’s common knowledge that I’m not a morning person, blame a variety of things from chronic insomnia to not having anything like a regimented bedtime when I was a kid but in any case I’ve sorta limped along the last 16 years or so with a general problem with getting to sleep at a regular time and more critically getting up the next morning, in some cases actually costing me a higher price than I’d like to have paid for this problem, most of you will know what I mean by this. Now I’ve been to see various doctors over the years about it and they’ve always suggested this and that but this time I needed something to aid the process so I just explained that it was time for meds.

No resistance from the doc which was surprising, I guess the less time they need to diagnose the more time they can spend on patients with more serious issues? Any GP’s reading this feel free to correct me. But anyway, I got me some meds. Over the course of three days I managed to fine tune it for when I need to take them and go to bed, the last two days I managed to wake up 5 mins before the alarm went off so I’m feeling much confident about that now. Lets see if I can get into making a habit of it.

Also this weekend was of course the IMAX screening of Skyfall. And wow! What a film! Definitely my favourite Bond yet and not only because I was in it either hehe, managed to see my cheeky face peering out twice in the scene I was in so very happy bout that :) but more importantly it felt like a return to the Bond that I love and remember. A perfect fusion of the modern and making the plot and villain relevant to our time but teasing back in the things that I remember fondly about Bond from the old days so hats off to Mr Mendes. I’ll say no more as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but you should all go and watch it. Needless to say I will most likely going back for a second viewing before long. :-)

On something of a more melancholy note the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about loyalty and friendship and what it means to be a friend to someone. I like to think I have quite a tight knit group of friends. Friends that I go to great pains to keep in regular contact with, sometimes being blind to how much money I spend hopping around the country visiting some of them lol! But that’s not really here or there. What I was thinking about were the friends that we keep out of some twisted sense of loyalty even though we know that they’re not good for us.

I’ve mentioned it before but the biggest betrayal I’ve felt was when I stopped working for a certain fruit based computer company and over night the people that I’d been working with for almost three years turned their back on me. Only a handful of them still I can still count as friends. In the last few years since my departure some of them have tried to get back in touch but it really feels like too little too late. I’m sure we all have these friends in our own circles, the ones that call you up only when they need something or when they need to have a moan about something and you’re their punching bag. But then you don’t hear from them for another few weeks until the next incident.

So why do we do it? Is it out of some twisted sense of loyalty because they’ve been around for a few years or is it more sad than that and theres some element of pity involved on our part? I don’t know, but one thing is for sure and I’ve said this countless times, I find the older you get the harder it is to make friends. Sure I’ve met a lot people since I left uni, but I think only one person in the last few years really fits the description of what I’d call my definition of friend, everyone else fits into that kinda ambiguous category of acquaintance or Facebook friend (a term which I detest) and they’re there even if I don’t have regular contact with them. I’m not really sure where I’m going with this but it was something on my mind.

Also more recently I went and saw Sinister. They did that really annoying thing of having all the scary jumpy bits in the trailer which was thoroughly frustrating. Why do it Hollywood? It ruins the movie. I was sat next to Ruth when we went to see Skyfall and they had the trailer for Man Of Steel before hand. And she commented on the fact that the trailer gives absolutely nothing away. Very beautifully shot and a haunting score. I was inclined to agree with her. That’s how trailers should be done. Although if we are talking about trailers nothing will ever beat the trailer for Jerry Seinfelds Comedian. I’ve added it below for your viewing pleasure and also both versions of the trailer for Man Of Steel.

Anyway that’s mostly cleared my head, until next time……go and watch Skyfall!!!!

Kal :) x


Every cloud….

24 10 2012

These posts seems to get less frequent which I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing. Am I so busy that I don’t have time to update my little corner or the Internet or has my life become so routine that there’s nothing worth updating it with! Time will tell.

Onto the important stuff then, things took a little downward turn for me in the past few weeks but have since come back up. To explain a few posts back I mentioned that I’d b leaving Nokia to start my new job as the sales director for a company here in Oxford. Things didn’t quite work out exactly as I’d hoped they would there and I am no longer with them and in fact still chasing them for my wages from the past month. I am avoiding mentioning the name of the company lest any of their customers google my name and the company together and direct some of the torrent of abuse I’ve been getting in the job to me directly. The reasons for which are many and I don’t want to point fingers where I don’t know the full information but problems were there long before I arrived.

The upside to this has been though that in the process of finding out that I wasn’t going to be paid I immediately started looking for another job and found one, almost immediately and after a lengthy and intense interview and assessment process I’m starting my new job this Monday in LONDON!!!!

Yes indeedy I am moving back to the big smoke and this time will be doing it properly. Not a shitty paygrade like a previous employer who shall not be named….

But things are back on track, the Japanese learning is going well, the fitness is rising. Can’t see any physical changes yet but I definitely feel them internally. And I’ve been some free for 35 days and it feels great. That’s not to say I don’t miss it especially after a coffee or a big meal but I feel better for not smoking so that pay off is worth it.

Now I’m off to see a man about a dog (not literally)

Oh and everyone go and see Bond this week!!!!