Short and Sweet Part III (Introduction to Mind and Body 101)

30 09 2012

Today’s post is bought to you by the wifi of the good folks to Starbucks of London Trocadero.

So I booked my flights to Japan, albeit a little later than I initially thought for the time frame of when I originally had planned. I started planning it originally to go at the end of February. No particular reason for that specific time, it just seemed like a good plan and would give me enough time to actually save up enough money for it. When I went to look into planning it at STA I was told it would the middle of winter around then. But I’d made. My mind to go so I wasn’t going to back out because a little cold weather.

Anyway, speaking to a few people since that initial conversation with John, the STA guy at Oxford, they all said why am I doing it in the middle of winter. It’s more of a principle thing, having made up my mind I wanted to stick to it. But then I started to actually look into the timing a bit more and what would actually be going on in Japan around that time. This is when I decided to delay the trip by a month.

Turns out, if I go a month later it’ll be the cherry blossom season, and I think that is a damn fine reason to delay it. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the weather will be slightly warmer ;-)

So I’m off now at the end of March to enjoy the delights of the land of the rising sun :-)

I’ve finished Prison Break so the Netflix account has been cancelled now, I’ve kept love film going but only the discs rather than any streaming facility. The next few months its time to get back into shape, mind and body.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the personal trainer to design my fitness program, gonna ask to incorporate swimming into it too. And it’s time to crack on learning Japanese and actually dusting off the cards again. I’ve been out of practice for too long and it’s time to stop being lazy and get shit done.

As a great friend whose no longer with us once told me:

JFDI – Just Fucking Do It. :-)

So in 6 months time, I shall hopefully be speaking, reading and writing Japanese to a somewhat fluent degree, my knowledge of psychology and crowd manipulation in magic to be better than it is now and be able to run for more than 15 secs without feeling like my heart is going to explode out of my chest.

So as they say,

Watashi no kouun wo inotte kudasai! (Wish me luck!)



Kal xx




2 responses

30 09 2012
Pete Davison

Ganbatte! So jealous. Wish I was going with you. We would TEAR IT UP over there, bro.

30 09 2012

It’s a shame but I’m really looking forward to doing it solo. Oakley inceptioned me when he told me about how awesome a time he had travelling by himself so I decided to do it myself. 😊

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