A year in retrospect (Short and Sweet Part II)

25 09 2012

It’s hard to believe that it was a year that I stay down to start writing this blog. When I look back over the various posts that I’ve written I can see how things have really changed over this past year and I realise that for the better part of the last 12 months, I’d been carrying round a lot of anger. Specifically towards what is anyone’s guess but I was just generally mad at the world.

I can pinpoint the moment when I decided to take control though which is a nice feeling, it coincides with my resignation from Bose and feeling quite free for the first time in a long while. It’s true, I was unemployed for three months, in a mountain of debt and living with people I care care less for but in some ways I’d never really felt freer.

When the Nokia job came along at the end of March and I started to earn some decent money I think it made a huge impact on my self worth and my general mood. I was much more pleasant to be around, well I think so anyway. And it felt good to have a bit of money in my pocket that I knew wasn’t going to go directly to my creditors. Actually being able to enjoy myself and spend money on me and the people around me that had been carrying me for past few months.

And now one year on, I’m in a more stable job, which is hard work but i do enjoy it and it’s got a pretty good title to go with it, I’m getting things done that can affect the company I work for overall. I have a very active social life compared to this time last year, still no girlfriend but that’s not really here nor there, and I’m really really REALLY looking forward to my trip to Japan in a few months :-)

I did toy with the idea of shutting down the blog as I essentially achieved what I set out to do with it. I said it was to be a free form of therapy for me and it really has, being able to vent onto a keyboard rather than a person and reading things back a few days after really put some stuff into perspective. But I think I’m going to keep this going, at least for a little while anyway. I’ve got a good feeling about the next few months and this is really the best way to chronicle it all.

As usual, this twilight time seems to be my usual writing slot but I’ll keep it brief. New things!

I’ve almost finished Prison Break which means my Netflix subscription is not long for this world while I get my head down to studying magic again and more imminently learning Japanese for my impending trip. Thanks to my good friend Pete for introducing me to an app called Human Japanese, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to learn Japanese too. I’m hoping to have at least a working knowledge of the language by the time I go over there so I’m not a complete tourist, seeing as I’ll be wondering the country by myself it’s probably going to prove to be invaluable too. And also actually thanks to Pete again for introducing me to the blogging world to start with. :-)

Other than that, not much else to report. The new job is a godsend having weekends off so I find myself feeling Oxford for a few days every week and they’ve been absolutely brilliant. Going to Bristol was a particular highlight, discovering that I just don’t enjoy clubbing anymore, that wasn’t really a highlight but good to know none the less! Discovering the best burger I’ve ever had in Bath Spa with Andy! Definite highlight! Go and check them out if you’re in Bath Spa anytime soon, they’re called Scwartzes Take Away Burgers, Andy showed me this video before I had the burger but this is most certainly how I felt after I had this burger. ;-)

And then Boscombe last weekend for catch up with Becky and her new fella whose a stand up guy I have to say considering we got on straight away on almost every level and it just felt like he’d been part of the gang all along. Gangnam Style I think was the deal breaker haha!! We went to a place called Urban Reef which iOS6 maps couldn’t find :-P but it was easy enough to get to, really gorgeous food and amazing views of the beach from the upstairs section.

I seem to be on a major salad kick these days as I tend to be ordering it everywhere I go, with the exception of tasty tasty burgers. I joined the gym again after 7 years of last going so its probably got something to do with that. My first session wasn’t as gruelling as I thought it’d be so clearly I’ve maintained some level of fitness even if it is covered by a layer of flab right now :-P and gonna try and give up smoking again, earlier this year I tried and it didn’t really work but well see what happens this time round! Fingers crossed!

I think that’s enough for now, but I feel good about things. I really do, so here’s to hoping that the good fortune continues. As I keep telling a certain friend, Sic Parvis Magna :-)


Kal Xx




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