“Every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige”…

16 07 2012

Great words spoken by Mr Caine in the Prestige. I watched it again very recently and was reminded of how my own pursuit in this particular field of study has been lacking somewhat. So a new resolution abounds.

At the end of the current series of the various shows I’m watching on Netflix, I’ll cancel my subscription for a few months. Same for LoveFilm. Spotify subscription can stay as music does help me focus quite a bit. The games consoles can stay as they get very little use at the moment other than to stream both of the previous video services. There are a few games coming out which I will be picking up but that’s not for a few months yet. I am tempted to disconnect the Sky box though as that will be a distraction. I’ll see how it goes, maybe it won’t be such a problem. There’s not a lot of things I’m recording on Sky at the moment and the things I am are finishing in an episode or two.

But onwards, I have a stack of books on magic practice and theory that comes up to my waist I need to work through. For a hobby that  consumed my life for over 2 years I never progressed beyond the table card magic stage, with only a handful of coin sleights and tricks learn. Time to set new goals. I wanna have at least 2 or 3 full coin routines mastered by Xmas and some full card routines perfected too so that hopefully when put together they can be performed as a single cohesive half hour show. I miss the feel of a deck of cards in my hand. There was something quite reassuring about it a few years ago that no matter what else in my life I couldn’t control, the mastery I had over the 52 pasteboards was entirely mine, but then I am in a much better place now personally. Whatever happened to the days of when I would never leave the house without at least one deck of cards in my pocket I wonder?

Anyway, that’s the plan for the immediate future but also alongside those things, it’s time to seriously give myself a kick up the arse about getting that website made and the business cards designed. I’ve had the sketches for the design of them for almost three years now and never got beyond the enquiry stage. So there is that to sort out as well.

Other than, not much else to report, my skill with the straight blade seems to be improving vastly with no nicks or cuts the last few times I’ve shaved. Something very gentlemanly about lathering up with a proper shaving brush and despite some protests by certain friends who know who they are! I don’t see the connection between shaving with a cut throat and hipsters. If someone could enlighten me, I’d greatly appreciate this. My one sad thought about the cut throat shave as much as I do love it, is that for years I maintained the three day stubble look and my beloved beard trimmer now sits forlornly on the shelf next to the cut throat gathering dust. Sad times, I hate it when electronics don’t get their intended use.

I had another great weekend in London. I seem to be getting quite good at submitting my work reports on the Saturday after I finish work in record time to be able to hit the town by the time the train gets to London. Saturday night me and Pat met up with KJ and Ric for dinner and some drinks as it has been too long since I saw them. Was great to spend a few hours with just some good conversation. Sunday Morning the two of us headed up to Kings Cross to meet some lovely ladies for cake and coffee. One of them being the lovely lady I took out last week. Always a pleasure to see her :-D Few hours there and then off the V&A Museum to meet KJ again but with James this time who again I haven’t seen in a criminal amount of time so we had a spot of lunch. After that I went off and met the lady again for a few hours before catching the last train out of Marylebone back home. Pretty good weekend all round :-)

This morning I had a shoot for TEFL, it was a video that I’m told is going to be shown out in the Middle East about the experiences of learning a new language. It was all over quite quickly though. 20 minutes in front of a green screen. I’m not sure if that’s a positive reflection on my ability to take direction or I should be worried! :-/ well not much that can be done about it now. It did make me laugh when they called me about the job last Friday though. The lady told me over the phone that it was the piece of my showreel where I’m doing my indian accent that really sold them on it. Everyone who knows which film I’m talking about knows that “The Fresher” is something of a production that my friend Adam who directed it wasn’t particularly proud of but that’s a blog for another time. However I think we’re both suitably impressed that something good came out of it. For those who don’t know, I’ve included the link to my showreel below so that everyone can so, enjoy!

And if you’re an agent reading this blog, please get in touch! :-D

Toodles! xx




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