“That’s Amore…”

9 07 2012

Another great weekend gone by! :-)

These are starting to become a regularity. I’m hoping it continues like this for a spell longer.

So after I finished work on Saturday night I took a train straight up to London and met my friend Alex. Along with him and two other we were going to see Spiderman at the IMAX later that night. What a film! I’d forgotten how much I love the IMAX screen. Definitely going to have to come up and see more films here soon. Well Batman in two weeks. Cannot wait! :-D

The film itself was well worth the trip and the money. I prefer Garfield’s Peter Parker over Toby Maguire. He just seemed to play it a lot more vulnerable and naturally. So go and watch it.

Sunday, me and Alex met up with some of our other old school mates and had lunch in Brick Lane. It was lovely to see them, must make more of an effort to meet them more regularly!

And then Sunday evening, the main event! I had a date!

Now I normally find out as much as I can about my date before I take them out, and I had all these grand plans in mind. But in the end, I decided a different approach. Just something quite nice and chilled out. The grand plans can be saved for another time. I met Sunday evening and we weren’t to a little Japanese place on Wardour Street. I had booked the place truthfully without finding out much about it, but it worked in my favour later on. We sat down and started chatting and then we sued ly realised that the menu and everything else was actually controlled via a touch screen projection system viewed directly on the table. So we were both a bit :-O by that but normal conversation soon resumed. My idea was to find a bar or a pub nearby after the restaurant but we actually just walked around for what must have been two hours after. And it was fun, there weren’t any awkward silences and we laughed. A lot! Lol, it flowed very naturally and it was one of the most comfortable dates I’ve ever had.

At the end of the night I walked her back to her bus stop and got the last tube back, I’m happy to say it went rather well and I’m looking forward to seeing her again. :-) things are continuing their good streak this year. :)

Anyway, I’ll keep things updated a bit more regularly from now, the frequency of my posts have been a bit rubbish lately.

And if she’s reading this, the Slovakians will never catch me ;-)





One response

9 07 2012
Pete Davison

Glad to hear you’re back in the game, so to speak. The temptation to make inappropriate comments right now is enormous, but I shall resist and offer a manly handshake instead.

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