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3 07 2012

Well, over a month since my last post! And what a month its been!

Let’s get the rubbish stuff out the way first. My wonderful brother yet again in all his pettiness has decided hat he can longer even say something to my face so a few weeks ago I had my sister come visit under the pretence of coming to see how things are going. Few minutes in, she goes,

“So he wants to know what you’re doing?”
“He? Who?”
“Ruhel, (my brother) apparently you said you were gonna only stay a year, it’s been a year. What are you doing”
“Wow, he lives 10 feet away from me and he couldn’t be arsed to come and ask me himself? Tell ya what, tell him if he wants to ask me something, he can man up and do his own dirty work rather than send you. Why would you even get involved in his childish little games?”

That was the end of that conversation! Watch this space for how things develop. Truthfully I did think that time last year I would only be here for a year before I moved out again and I said as much but you know, sometimes life throws you a curve ball, adapt, improvise and all that. Clearly something my bother hasn’t quite got the grasp of yet!

I made a decision a few days ago, it weighed heavily on while I was thinking about it but since I’ve made it I’ve felt a lot lighter. The next time I leave home, I think I’ll be cutting all ties to my family. It’s something that I have thought long and hard about and I’m reminded of advice that I’ve given to friends about their own past boyfriends and over bearing manipulative best friends, if you’re unhappy remove the negative influence from your life. I don’t see why that same advice shouldn’t be applicable to family members too. I know some people will tell me that I’m lucky to have a family and so on and so forth, but the key matter of it is, they are horribly selfish bunch of people who would sooner break your spirit than show affection towards you. So over the next few months I’ll be slowly removing myself from all aspects of that part of my life. Fresh start so to speak. And I feel pretty good about it :-)

On to the good stuff! This month has been superb! I turned 26 and had a low key birthday with some close friends which was nice to just keep it that way. As much as I would have loved to have a big bash with everyone there, I think I’ll save that for another time. The rest of the month passed fairly uneventfully with work going pretty well. I got taken through to to Nokia’s Super Team so I will have a job for the next 6 months at the very least and Canada is looking like a real possibility now. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I plan to move to Canada to pursue acting there for a while on the advice of my friend Sheena.

In the transitional phase between the end of my first correct with Nokia and the start of my new one as part of the super team I had a week off work. Mostly spent bumming around not doing much as I generally tend to do on my days off but the weekend….what a weekend :-D seriously I’m smiling just thinking about it. I can’t tell you exactly why it was so good. I didn’t do much that wouldn’t have done on any other weekend in London. But this one was just amazing.

So I went up on Friday, picked up some basic tees from American Apparel as per my last blog post. Went and met my friend Sophie for a few drinks. Then out with my old friends from Bose as Tim had his last day. Another long standing member gone but my feelings on that company are well known. What a great night! A great turn out with those people I miss working with so dearly. Drinks were drunk, laughs were had and we ended up in Grace bar where I had my leaving do last year when I left London. Memories :)

Saturday started in a quieter way, I went and saw my friend Naomi for lunch with her Dad and her sister. That completes the whole Kay family meeting for me :-P lol, her dad who used to be a chef cooked us lobster, crab claws, scallops and prawns. My first time eating lobster and crab but wow! I can’t believe it took me this long to get round to it! The lunch was delicious needless to say, and after wards we had a little sit down and a chat. That afternoon I went and met Pat who just had his last day at The Poor School for this semester and G an old school friend. Pat had been growing a beard for a rather long time for the play he was in so off we went to Teds. God that place makes you feel like a king. The three of shaved and fresh stepped out an hour later reading the night ahead. After a quick trip back to Pats we were off to meet his class mates for a great night ahead. I’m gonna skip ahead now as this is turning into a bit of an essay lol! It was an amazing night and the only downside to it was I felt a little sad I hadn’t gone to a drama school at the same time! But that feeling didn’t last, the night was a great reminder I have some awesome friends and made some new ones too, and the final piece I mentioned I few weeks back could well fall into place after that night ;-)

Sunday was a relaxed day with a little trip down to Southampton to have lunch with Elly and Niamh. My first time at Turtle Bay which was Niamh’s choice of restaurant and good choice too! Food and cocktails. Winning all the way. And then finally back to Bicester on the Sunday night. That concludes my best weekend of the year. I’m not sure there’s much that could top that weekend but well see. The next few weeks should be interesting :)

Until next time. Toddles!





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