“Clothes Make The Man”

31 05 2012

Mark Twain said that once and I do genuinely believe it to a degree.

There is something to be said about the genuine look and feel that something like a new suit can give you. I remember buying my first suit. It wasn’t till I was 18. It probably wasn’t for the most ideal of situations. There was a pimps and hoes night at Ikon Diva in my first year at uni and I decided to go low key. Lol, I bought the suit from Debenhams and it wasn’t a very expensive one but I definitely felt a lot more confident wearing it. I imagine women have a similar feeling when they buy new clothes that they genuinely love.

The second occasion where I really felt that kind of empowerment was my cousins wedding, my first Christmas at uni I went back to Bicester for it and got measured up for a tux and come the wedding day it didn’t fail to deliver from the amount of interest I got the from the fairer sex at the wedding it self :)

During those first few years at uni I did really become quite vain with my appearance and it became somewhat of a habit, buying something new for every night out, that sorta thing. But I’ve since really got quite lazy. Most of my fashion cues back then were taken from magazines like GQ and Esquire. Magazines which I still read today but nowadays I seem to dress for comfort more than style. I think that’s partly due to the weight I put on in the last few years too and my clothes that used to fit my quite well just look a bit unseemly. No more fitted tees! Goodbye The Gap and all that. Curiously my overall grooming got a lot more specific. Hair and facial care, that sort of thing but the fashion sense has slipped a bit.

So in the interest of this self improvement shtick I’m trying to redo my wardrobe. Most of my clothes are pretty timeless I’d say in that I tend to favour plain earthy coloured tops rather than anything extravagant. I still have to odd top with the design or logo on them like Batman or Naruto. But I think I’m going to start from scratch. I currently have two wardrobes full of clothes, the majority of which I can’t actually fit into anymore. I only really wear a handful of items the only real reason being that the items are the only ones that still fit!

In terms of what I think I should be dressing like I take my cues these days from very simplistic styles. Not so much designers but people from movies and TV shows. He latest one being Hank Moody in the show Californication which if you haven’t seen yet I thoroughly recommend. Hank played by David Duchovny has a very simple style which consists of dark T-shirts and jeans with dark shirts when the occasion required it. It’s not that far removed from my current style that it should be difficult to integrate so let’s give it a try!

Hope I don’t have any Emperors new robes situations! :-P lol

Kal x




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