‘…For Love Nor Money..’

23 05 2012

Yet another large gap between posts! I know it’s called not exactly one day but at the moment it feels more like not exactly one a month! Must make more of an effort! Any hoo!

So my job with Nokia may be wrapped up in a few short weeks. I always knew that the role would be something of a short one anyway with the actual contract being temporary but there was a scope to make it permanent. Today I found out that Nokia would like to extend the contract for another 6 months but this time with a much smaller crack team. In the correspondence I got they called it the ‘Super Team’……going from Tactical Field Force (Agent) to Super Team just doesn’t have the same ring to it. So I’m going to be referring to it as the Elite squad from here on in. Much more clandestine-y Lol.

Now to actually get on this ‘Elite Squad’ I have to meet a certain amount of criteria which I already feel I’m performing well above the norm for, the one hindrance which has continually come back to bite me in the ass is my inability to drive and that’s something which I now need to sort more quickly than ever. Moving ahead with a smaller team will obviously mean I’m going to be covering a lot wider area if I get through and commuting may not be a viable option anymore, although if all my stores are located centrally, I might be able to get away with it, but still top priority is sort out the driving!

So it’s more or less of a waiting game at this stage, I do have applications pending with one or two other companies as a back up but, I’d quite like to stick with Nokia. I’ve built my relationships with all the stores I look after and made some good friends with the staff in them and it would be a shame to have to stop that in a few weeks time. But we’ll see what happens so fingers crossed.

I actually want to tell you guys about something else that’s happened since this job however. It’s no secret that the last few years I’ve been struggling with money and looking back, my personality has suffered somewhat. More or less since my departure from Apple, I’ve been less enthusiastic on a day-to-day, I’ll default to staying in over going out, not just because a lack of money but just generally not feeling sociable and that’s not even mentioning the weight gain in the last 3 years from comfort eating when feeling down. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever slipped into depression but I think I’ve come close once or twice. People who have met me in the last 2/3 years may not really understand what I mean but older friends might see this.

Since the job with Nokia started though, it’s actually been a bit of an uplift. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have some money in my pocket again that doesn’t immediately go out again to debtors and such, but the general feeling of my old self is starting to return a little bit more. The biggest area I can see this in is my interaction with women. I’ve never had a problem talking to them but the last few years have seen a steady decline in my confidence with them, put it down to feeling of inequity of being broke or the various self-image problems that ran through my head on a daily basis. Whatever it was, it’s starting to fade. Point in fact:

There’s this girl, we’ll call her Miss X. Lol :-P Now I’ve never met Miss X personally but she added on BaceFook a little while back. A friend of a friend, I’d noticed her in some of my friends pictures and liked the odd photo here and there that they were in together but beyond that nothing else in terms of interaction really. Now a weeks ago Miss X actually added me and I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. We chatted on and off when we were both online at the same time and very loose sort of plans were made to go and visit my friend for a night out and meet Miss X at the same time. All good. But plans fell through and I thought to myself, we’ve been chatting for a little while now and what the hell, I asked her out for a drink. We had a little laugh about where to meet and such but I didn’t really get a yes or a no. Ah well, the next day, I had logged on only to see I had been de-friended by Miss X! Oh the shame! :-P but there ya go, and she was never to be heard from again lol!

My point of this story is, 6 months ago, I wouldn’t have even considered doing that, maybe 3 years ago, but not in the elapsed time since. So whatever psychological knock on effect this job is having on me to improve my confidence, I’m hoping it carries on. Even if my skills in seduction are a little rusty ;-)

Until next time folks

Kal x




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