“As time goes by…”

17 11 2011

This will mark my 10th post and having looked back at the last few there’s been a bit of a negative theme to them. Now admittedly I did open my first post with saying that this would be a free form therapy or sorts which will invariably have some negativity in it but I’d like to break it up a little by having some positive memories so that when future generations look back on this, I don’t come across as a completely cynical old bastard :-P

This month saw the release of a LOT of games that I’ve been wanting for the better part of the last 10 months and it’s actually backed me up quite a bit. In order, I have yet to play Batman, Uncharted 3, Assassins Creed Revelations and the final one which arrived just the other day, the Halo 10 year anniversary edition.

Now this last game has a very special place in my heart because if you go back exactly 10 years to the day yesterday. You would have had a 15-year-old me strolling into my local Argos armed with 400 hard-earned pounds from working at the local cafe as their dishwasher to save up and buy my very first Xbox and with it a little game called Halo. A franchise which would become bigger than I could comprehend at that age and without fully knowing how much it would influence me.

I remember reading all about the new Microsoft console and how it was going to change the face of gaming and etc etc. I was 14 at that time but i devoured every single scrap of media that came out about all the new release day games that were going to be coming with it. And one of the included titles was halo. So 14-year-old me vowed I would be getting that console no matter what. Now at this age I still hadn’t quite discovered my talent for deception and mystery so had to rely on more honest means of earning money. Enter a little cafe in Bicester Market Square called Jennys, which had been around for as long as I can remember and is still there now. The place to go for a primo fry-up after a heavy night out. Both which I wouldn’t discover for another 3 years.

So I was working at Jennys from january of the year I believe. It wasn’t a lot of pay. If i remember right, I think I was being paid £3.50 an hour? I used to do 3 hours after school and then 9 hours on saturday. This went on for months, I swear my fingers were permanently wrinkled from the washing up liquid, but the owner was a nice guy, who I was sad to find out recently that he had passed away a few years ago while I was at uni. He looked after me, made sure I had something to eat on shift as he knew I came straight from school and would include me in the tip share at the end of the day. Really lovely guy. I scrimped and saved every penny I got including money for my birthday and any other little bits of income I got until that fateful day in November when I opened a doorway that would forever put a smile on my face.

To this day, I am still a huge Halo fan and have more than a few pieces of their extended universe that they release in subsequent years, see the pictures to see what I mean.

So here’s to another 10 great years of something which will always bring a smile to my face for its captivating store, characters and immense enjoyably I derive from playing it on my own and with friends.


Kal x

In order, the 10 year anniversary edition of the game, The various collectibles from the last few years and the expanded universe novels, literary and graphic.




One response

19 11 2011

You were allowed to work at 14/15??
I remember places would laugh when I’d go in asking for a job.

That, and my parents always lectured me about being ungrateful. Lol.

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