“Remember, Remember, The First Of Movember…”

1 11 2011

Happy First of Movember everyone! Hope that you’ll all be keeping your moustaches!

It’s been just over a week since my last post but the events in between make it seem so much long! The last few days have been incredibly busy for me, but in a really good way. Plenty of laughs and fun had with old a friends and new!

Work was mostly uneventful over the few days before the weekend, I did however give them a heads up that I would not be around for their xmas period. Working where I do and not getting paid a huge amount along with the isolation I’m feeling at home is starting to make me a tad disillusioned towards the mindless zombies that are the “just browsing/looking/I  don’t want any help” masses of idiocy that walk through my doors every day of the week, so I would rather leave the company before I completely snap and go into work armed with a baseball or any other such weapon with which to punctuate my dissatisfaction with working there! So as of the 23d of December this year, I will be enjoying my first xmas and new years where I’ve not been expected at work the day after either. It will be bliss. I do feel some sympathy to wards the colleagues who I will be leaving to pick up the slack from my leaving, however I’m sure they were rather a little overworked than be caught in the crossfire of a war between me and the upper echelons of the company. And I would rather leave on terms where there is a capacity for me to come back should I ever have a change of heart, or they start paying more! Also I told them because me and the assistant manager have known each other a long time and he could do with a heads up to sort out shifts and what not. Least I could do for the guy. But that was that and I felt enormously relieved after I had told them. My official 4 week notice is yet to be handed in but they know now which is the main thing.

This past week also saw the my first night out with the boys from work and good god did we make it a heavy one. The pictures and videos speak for themselves I feel and you’ll be able to see both by clicking on the Facebook link at the top. The album you’re looking for is “The Best Kinds Of Worst People….” A moniker which i feel was wholly appropriate for the antics of that night and hopefully many more to come. Hope fully a few more before I have left too!

This weekend was the main thing I was looking forward to however, Halloween! Not so much for the dress up and what not but more because I’d get to see my best friends again! In the spirit of the day though I did throw together a rather simple outfit and went as House. All that was required as a walking stick and a little bottle of pills. Easy enough to procure, the latter being from an ebay prop store. Now I don’t think anyone actually got who I was supposed to be, there aren’t really any distinct marks of House short of his cane that would give it away and even then unless you watched the show it’s a wild guess at best. But walking with a cane did produce some interesting results, people will just leave you alone or they’ll be more receptive to you approaching them. is there something about someone walking with a cane which make us pre-determined to assume that they are approachable? Regardless of hold old they look? Interesting thoughts!

The party was held by my friend Kelly at her new flat in Reading and then on to a pub called Riverside. Costumes were good for the night and generally a good night to be had by all, and the clocks went back an hour that night so huzzah for the extra hour in bed!

The rest of the weekend passed rather uneventfully catching up with a few friends in Southie and general good times. Now back home, I’m glad I left such a hugh amount of media to be consumed. It’ll keep me occupied in the coming weeks up till xmas.

Anyway, I’m off to read more about the life of Steve!

Ciao for now! :-)





4 responses

1 11 2011

Ooh Ooh! Christmas time, shall I come up for a day or two?!
I could pick up my Sustainability lecture notes, and have a good old chinwag. Although, knowing our brown people, they may think I’ve fallen in love with you and want your babies. Blech.

Also, this is no post without pictures.
I know I looked hot as lil Wayne, but I’ve seen no proof (as I haven’t gone looking) for you as House.
I still don’t understand what he is.

2 11 2011

You can come down but I won’t be here. Getting out of Bicester after I finish my last shift. I’ll leave them with Mum if you need to collect them.

1 11 2011

Also! You’d be cheating for Movember, ’cause your face is hairy!

2 11 2011

I shaving everything but the tash!

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