“To Be, Or Not To Be…”

14 10 2011

Hello again readers

I hope this past week has been pleasant. Today I wanted to talk about stories.

Stories have always fascinated me, whether its told in literature, Video Games, the silver screen or sitting around with friends. I really relish the opportunity to hear a good story, and to tell one myself! Over the years we all accrue our own little collection of anecdotes and tales forged from impromptu nights out or comedic misunderstandings or even emotional tragedy but the one thing I’ve always found to be true of any of these is for me personally, they always illicit a very visceral response. Whether its laughter, shock, tears and all of the above, I can always relate to something within a story.

One of my favourite stories to tell is the one of how my and my best friend Adam met, and over the years we have told it to so many different people in so many different situations it’s developed its own kind of comic double act with each one of us telling one different parts of the story at different points. It’s now gotten to the stage where although I’ll happily tell the story to someone by myself I don’t really feel I would be doing it justice without him there. Of course since then, we amassed our own collection or half remembered nights, and anecdotes that followed. Many of them involving alcohol now I think about it….

Now academically speaking, I think I remember learning somewhere that all stories, are derived from 6 or 7 original fairy tales. And if anyone can confirm this it would be wonderful. My real love is the cross over story. The genre mixes. Stories that keep you guessing till the very end and you go on talking about for a long time afterwards. Earlier this year, I went away with friends to a cottage in Somerset to celebrate birthdays of two of 3 of them, and as the evening wound down after dinner at that point between before the really heavy drinking started we’d be sat around the dining table. KJ, a lovely friend of mine told us a story about her hamster which even now still makes me cry with laughter and the slew of hamster related jokes and impressions that followed after it.

Stories is probably the biggest reason I wanted to become an actor. I wanted to be a story-teller and using my entire being to do it seemed like a dream job. If someone was to offer me a job as an audiobook narrator tomorrow however I’d happily live out the rest of my days doing that. But I digress. Stories was the main reason, the second reason was the opportunity to be someone other than myself for a short time but that’s a story for another day. (No Pun Intended).

So with that in mind, some of you know that I am in the process of applying for the Guildhall School Of Music and Drama to hopefully enter next year. My application is almost complete and ready to send off. I’d really love the opportunity to be able to do what I love professionally so in that regard keep your fingers crossed for me. I’m undertaking a massive reading and devouring most things of theatrical literature I can get my hands on, but if you have suggestions of things that you think would make good audition pieces I’m happy to welcome the suggestions.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share, it’s been a few days since my last post which was a little more emotionally charged, the situation at work is still going on but there are developments which I will post as they happen.

Until next time.





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