Your Mind Is The Scene Of The Crime…

4 10 2011

Hello again readers

I sit here today still suffering the effects of a particularly stubborn viral infection. At least that’s what the docs tell me anyway so I just felt like having a ramble.

A few hours ago I went back to bed as the pills I’ve been taking make me very drowsy so I gave in to the slumber and thus began a very weird and wonderful dream in which I played a wide range of roles. Some in part related to my current area of study, The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare.

Although I do like Shakespeare I’m actually working through this as a means to learn some audition pieces for applications to Drama School next year. I have hopes of going to The Guildhall School of Music and Drama to study providing I can pass their 3 stage application process and get the funding, that would make me one very happy chappy :-).

So back to dreams, I often have my most vivid dreams if i’ve had some form of cheese related food before going to bed and went through a period a few years ago where I would purposefully eat two cheese toasties before going to bed! Todays particular dream saw me in the shoes of Shylock for the first half of the play as that’s where I’ve read up to so far but with an altogether more modern twist on the setting. Think Baz Luhrmanns Romeo and Juliet but for The Merchant Of Venice instead. With the principal characters being played by my friends who I’ve seen very recently, one of which has no interest in Shakespeare so an altogether odd experience to see him reciting lines for Bassanio!

I have the Al Pacino version of the play sat on my shelf ready to watch after I finish reading it so we’ll see how our performances fare comparatively. Once I have chosen which ever speech I decide to do I may upload a video on here to get some feedback from yourselves.

Anyway I shall let you people go, I just wanted a quick ramble. The next one may well be longer :-)

Toodles! x





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