A little update

21 08 2014

My my my what a long time it’s been since the last update!!!

There is becoming less of a reason to keep this blog going having achieved the things I originally set out to do with it, but like an old comfortable t-shirt I’m loathe to throw it away.

Many many years ago and from my earlier posts most of you will remember that things weren’t great for me. Personally, financially, romantically, in general it was a pretty crappy existence I was leading.

The last few months are a stark contrast to that time, I’m in a good place financially, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with girlfriend who was rather unexpected and generally life is pretty sweet.

Sure I could complain about something, lack of time to do all the things I want to do and my lack of motivation to lose that ever increasing weight! (Dam you and your cakes Em!!! :-P) but I won’t. It’s a bit indulgent.

So onwards with MOAR happiness!!!! :D

I’ll decide what to do with this blog in the coming months, maybe shut it down, maybe turn it into something else entirely, or just forget about it and leave it to the sands of time,

Until then,

Toodles! Kal X


Debt……a precautionary tale……and other stuff

19 06 2014

2179 days. Give or take a few.

Thats how long it took me to get out of debt. Admittedly the process had been expedited somewhat by a cash injection from a family matter. But I might have been paying off these debts for a long time to come. I wish when I was younger someone had taken the time to sit me down and explain to me about money. Sadly my family being who they were didn’t think that was a necessary pursuit and towards the end of uni I managed to get myself into a fair amount of debt and by the time I realised what I had got myself into the damage was already done.

This isn’t to say that anyone was at fault for my getting into debt but most certainly a certain level of ignorance on my part. But happily now I am debt free. Its a strange feeling now being out of debt. A certain level of freedom that comes with no one chasing me for money I don’t have.

It all seems obvious looking back now at where the mistakes were made but all done now. As evidenced by my lack of updates lately. I believe almost three months! Things are pretty good right now, good life, good girlfriend and a  good job. Sadly my audition to get into Oxford drama school didn’t go as well as I could have hoped but hey, life goes on.

I think the rest of this year will have a focus for two things for me. Magic and Fitness. Getting my performance magic circle ready and dropping down those inches off my waist I keep saying I will. I can’t say the updates will get any more frequent but then maybe thats a good thing? I’m out there having fun instead of in her tapping away :)

Until next time I guess. toodles

Kslice x

Karmic Balancing Act….

19 03 2014

ImageThis makes the longest time between posts and for that there is no good reason really. Things has been a little up and down but I’ve had plenty of time to do some writing. I just haven’t. I’m sure you’re all heart broke for it :-P

So lets review. Since my last update, and I’m going to gloss over a lot for sake of keeping it short.

Xmas was fantastic as was to be expected spending it once again with the Kay family and a great time was had by all. Sadly the new year did not bring such joyful tidings with being made redundant in January. What followed was a major dick move by my landlord where instead of helping me out and giving me an extension on rent he slapped me with an eviction but I’m moving out in 2 weeks of my own accord into a place where I shall no longer have to deal with his special brand of dickery or have to endure the dulcet tones of Russian wife swap/ Big Brother or whatever other god awful programme is constantly on.

I have been seeing a certain lady for a while now and it is going rather well, certainly beats the record for the longest “stable” relationship I’ve been in and I am quite happy. A new job possibly looms on the horizon too. The house I grew up in also finally sold and so there goes the last anchor to my childhood which in itself I feel no great loss over but I am looking forward to a little bit of financial freedom coming my way which is long over due. Things have been progressing on the acting front in the forms of an upcoming audition to Oxford Drama School and lots of plays being read in preparation for it. And I’ve finally began the proceedings to prepare a magic route which with a little bit of luck and some mentoring from a new friend will allow a dazzling performance and my entry in the magic circle, but we shall see.

Which brings me to the title of tonights post. I’m not a great believer of destiny/fate what have you. But it seems that with a lot of things going on the upswing for me, any day now, I feel something is about to go horribly wrong. I’m not a pessimist but I can shake the feeling that it’s a little bit of a house of cards right now. The lady and friends think I’m being silly but to coin a phrase I believe the universe is rarely so lazy. So I’m being quite tentative in how much I enjoy the present moment even if they are good. Past experience has taught me how quickly things can go from good to worse within a heartbeat. So cautious steps ahead.

In any case, a quick update for you all, I shall try not to leave it so long but who knows what’s gonna happen in the next three months!


Kal x

“Thrust Up Now Giant Robo”

22 12 2013


The title will mean little to most of you and the meaning behind it will mean less, an obscure reference to a long finished Anime from my childhood but to credit for the profound effect it had on me. 

My relationship with my family notwithstanding there is one thing I can thank one of them for and that is my oldest brother who left around enough of his VHS tapes that I was raised on a healthy diet of Asian cinema. Names like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan were names I was familiar with by the time I was 6 years old and thus helped along my fascination and interest with all things Asian and led me into my love of martial arts. Not this new trend of everyone hopping on the MMA bandwagon. I’m talking about the old school martial arts. More art form than self defence. Styles like Wu Shu and the Shaolin Animal Styles. Moves and practices that spoke directly to my heart. It wasn’t a hard jump then to move on to Japanese anime and the rest as they say is history. 

Going back to the title, it comes from a 7 part OVA from Japan entitled Giant Robo. Based on the canonical work of hugely talented but now sadly deceased manga artist Mitsuteru Yokoyama using characters from his various works to create an completely original story. At the time of watching it when I was kid, it was giant robots doing battle. Now in my adult life I can appreciate it for the coming of age story about a boy growing up with out a father, Yokoyamas intended message rings clear to me now and I can appreciate it much more. Here’s the blurb from wikipedia: 

“The series takes place in a retro-futuristic setting, where the Shizuma Drive ends the depletion of petroleum resources and the need for nuclear power. The system is a non-polluting recyclable energy source that powers everything on land, sea and air. Ten years prior to the events of the series a team of scientists, led by Professor Shizuma, created the revolutionary system. In the process they nearly destroyed the world and one of their own, Franken Von Vogler, was lost in the event that went down in history as the “Tragedy of Bashtarle.” At the start of Giant Robo, the BF Group is in the middle of recreating the event with aid from the resurfaced Vogler.

The story explores a society completely brought down, within the span of one week, because of dependency on a single energy source and a state of prosperity tainted by compromise and deceit”

One of the other things that really struck me about this particular OVA was the music. While I had no doubt heard classical and operatic music before, Giant Robo was really the first time i noticed a sound track for a show that made me pay attention. Different characters had their own themes that would start up when they were on screen and the way the themes would overlap when opposing characters would start fighting. It changed something for me in terms of my appreciation for music. As it is as soon as I became aware enough I started hunting for the soundtracks. 

I can now very happily say that after almost 13 years of searching and hunting and even going to Japan! I have finally accumulated all 7 volumes of the soundtrack and I couldn’t be happier. What with the CD’s and the discs having gone out of print almost over a decade ago it’s not been the easiest task but dammit if I don’t feel giddy about having achieved it now :-D

It’s funny how music can make you relate to a specific emotion. For me the soundtrack of Giant Robo brings back this wondrous feeling of absolute amazement from the first time I watched the show. I’ve watched it countless times since then but nothing can quite give me goosebumps like the sound tracks. 

Embedded below is my favourite piece of music from the show belonging to one of the villains from the Big Fire organisation named Shocking Alberto. I challenge anyone to not feel something stir within them as a result of this piece.

While the original show is more difficult to get a hold of I implore anyone with a love of Animation to try and get a hold of a copy to watch it. It will be without a doubt one of the most original shows you’ll ever see and considering when it was made still very relevant today. 

Anyway, I realise it’s been almost 2 months since my last update but this was just to say I bloody did it! :-D I’ll do another post after xmas with a proper update on things. 

Until then Merry Xmas and Happy New Year All :-)


Kal x

Ships that pass in the night

31 10 2013

Over a month since my last post! I am getting slack!

Although in all honesty, there’s not been a huge amount to write about, the last few months have progressed more or less without incident. I’m in the process of changing jobs and have decided to have another crack at drama school, this time going for the Oxford School of Drama. The house and all things surrounding it are same old really.

I was thinking about one thing which was the main reason for my posting tonight. And that’s people who come in and out of our lives for seemingly random reasons but maybe those reasons aren’t clear straight away. I’ve never been a big believer of fate or destiny etc but I have trusted the phrase that “everything happens for a reason” to be true in most instances.

I’m not really thinking of anyone specific scenario but what turned me onto to thinking about this was when my best friend left for Estonia a few weeks ago. He’s been a fairly permanent fixture in my life for the past 7 odd years, more of a brother than a friend, and it was a bit of a shock when he announced he was moving out there. It got me thinking that over the years how he’s changed and to what degree that’s been an influence from me and vice versa, how have I changed as a person since I’ve met him, I can certainly say my interest of films has increased exponentially.

But it got me thinking about other maybe less than savoury influences you might have in your life and the reasons why you choose to keep them if you do, obviously some people live under duress from these influences and it’s a sad fact if they feel unable to escape. But when you have the choice is it some innate knowledge that the person can be good? Or more of an apathy towards your own self worth?

I’ve certainly met and maintained friendships with people who clearly never had my best interests at heart on various escapades but thinking back I couldn’t tell you why I maintained those relationships. In some cases I learnt things sure, even if it was only that people are dicks. Well some people. But in the majority of instances it just seems like a really odd blip out of a fairly regular routine.

I don’t know, I’m just waxing lyrical here, I’m just thinking out loud really. No real answer to be had here, ah well.

Anyway, bye for now

Kal x

“And the truth shall set ye free…..”

24 09 2013

A phrase bandied around in numerous circumstances. Movies, book, philosophical discussions etc. Now while this may be the case, if the truth really does set you free or not or more relative.

I’ve always found truth to be a very subjective thing. Sometimes things happen that maybe you feel people would be better off not knowing, or perhaps they’ve done something that maybe you feel uncomfortable about confronting them on. Myself, I’m an advocate of having everything out in the open if the withholding of that information is likely to cause bigger problems than the truth itself.

I found myself in such a situation only a few days ago, various events from a few months had transpired and the involved parties had just not confronted me about it and instead I found out through much more tedious means. It’s the second time in my life I’ve come close to falling out with friends over what really amounts to quite small offences.

Had this not been resolved now then it could have really festered and turned into the usual behaviour or back chatting and snarky comments and eventually losing touch altogether. As it is I’m glad it got sorted now and I think we’re stronger friends for it.

That’s about all the there has been in terms of major events lately. Shall update you all more when something new happens. Life is kinda good right now :)



Freedom of the body, Freedom of the mind, make the spirit a whiskey…

9 08 2013

So it’s been about 6 weeks since I moved out of the parental home and into my new digs and the change in mentality and attitude are almost instantly improved. I’m a lot more relaxed now, I can have a drink and by the power of Grey Skull to be able to cook bacon again is a pleasure that’s wholly indescribable haha! Things are going well to say the least so here’s an update on the few things I can think of,

Skydive still hasn’t happened but we’re hoping to get it sorted for the next few weeks, I’d like to do it while we still have the these patches of good weather but ultimately even if it’s a sunny day, the wind speed might kill it like it did last time so fingers crossed for a hot day and no breeze! At least until I touch the earth again anyway.

Magic practice is becoming a more of a regular thing, still not as often as I’d like it to be but at least I’m consciously giving the practice the attention it needs, can only improve with time.

Been strategising about the move to London in a few months and how to attack it, it helps now that I have a few more industry based contacts and friends who are actually working professionally so that’s something. Who you know eh?

The relationship with the family has improved since I left the house too, we still don’t talk a lot when I go around there but there seems to be less tension in the air but then that could be a silent burying of hatchets in the form on the new arrival in the household in the shape of my new niece Inaya. It’ll still be a few years to see exactly what side she takes as I mentioned in a previous post, that’s if there is even a side to take by that point. I’m hoping there won’t be but who knows.

I do have a blog post I’m thinking about writing but it could be quite controversial so I’m gonna discuss with a few friends before posting on that one but in the meantime that’s all the updates.


Kal x